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Jumbo Mortgage Lender Houston, TexasHouston Jumbo Mortgage – jumbo loans for the greater Houston area and to borrowers in most states. Jumbo loans Houston include in-house jumbo lending to $2 Million, Jumbo ARM mortgage to $5 Million and Super Jumbo Houston Mortgage for loans greater than $5 Million. If you have Houston jumbo mortgage questions, contact Houston Mortgage today!


What is a Houston jumbo loan?

A Houston jumbo loan is also called a non-conforming loan. Houston jumbo mortgages have loan amounts exceeding the conventional loan limit, which is $417,000 in Houston, Texas but the limit can be higher ($625,000) in some “high cost” areas of the country, such as Hawaii and Alaska. The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) or Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) guidelines determines the conventional loan limit.


At what level are current Houston jumbo mortgage rates?

Current jumbo mortgage rates are at record-setting low levels. Many different types of jumbo loan products are available with great jumbo mortgage rates and low fees. There is no cost to apply. Jumbo loan products are offered for houses AND condos. Call now: (800) 308-8503 or (281) 305-9375 to get today’s current jumbo mortgage rates or use the contact form to the right.


What refinancing options are available for jumbo loans in Houston, TX?

Yes, there are many different refinancing loan products for jumbo loans. Current Houston mortgage rates are at record-setting lows. To find out how much you could save by refinancing your Houston jumbo mortgage, use the contact form or call now: (800) 308-8503 or (281) 305-9375.


Can I get a jumbo loan for my primary residence?

Absolutely! Jumbo mortgages are available for primary residences and second homes. If you have questions about your particular situation, call now (800) 308-8503 or (281) 305-9375 or use the form to the right.


Is a down payment required for Houston jumbo loans?

Yes, a down payment is required for Houston jumbo loans. However, there are creative solutions for Houston jumbo borrowers, such as Pledged Asset Programs. To learn more call now: (800) 308-8503 or (281) 305-9375 or use the contact form to the right to get today’s current jumbo mortgage rates.


Are Houston jumbo mortgage rates higher than conventional mortgage rates?

Most often, the jumbo loan mortgage rates are slightly higher than interest rates for conforming mortgage loans in Houston, Texas. The reason jumbo mortgage rates are often higher than for conventional loans with smaller loan amounts is the Houston mortgage lender takes a higher risk by holding a higher mortgage note. If the borrower were to default on the Houston jumbo mortgage, the Houston mortgage lender is likely to have more difficulty reselling a luxury home listing in Houston. Moreover, expensive homes in the luxury market can be more susceptible to the highs and lows of the Houston housing market.


Can I avoid paying for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) on my Houston jumbo loan?

It is possible to remove or avoid maintaining PMI if your loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is under 80%.* Another possibility is for you to split your loan amount into two loans to avoid the PMI for the larger, primary mortgage. Our Houston jumbo loan experts stand by to answer questions about your particular situation. Call now (800) 308-8503 or (281) 305-9375 or use the form to the right.

To contact a Houston jumbo mortgage expert, use the contact form to the right or call (800) 308-8503 or (281) 305-9375.

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