Tips to Beat the Texas Heat

Tips to Beat the Texas Heat - Houston Texas MortgageWith the hottest month of the year quickly approaching, our team of Houston Mortgage professionals has created a list of eight ways to beat the summer heat and save while doing so.

Ceiling fans are the best of both worlds.

Not only do ceiling fans provide a decorative element to any room, but they produce a wind-chill effect that helps keep the room cool. Believe it or not, ceiling fans only use as much energy as a 100-watt light bulb.

With today’s modern technology, they are capable, trendy and more powerful than ever before. Between online shopping and the vast array of home supplies stores, homeowners have countless options when it comes to ceiling fan styles.

Keep your air conditioning unit shaded.

If your air conditioner is in the direct path of sunlight, usually the case if located on the north or east side of the home, consider planting shrubs or trees to shade it. Direct sunlight on your air conditioning unit actually decreases efficiency and can use up to 10 percent more electricity. Also, don’t forget to clean and replace your air filters. A clean filter can lower energy consumption by 15 percent.

Are you in need of a new refrigerator?

Now is a better time than ever to buy a new refrigerator. There are new models available that can be such energy savers that they use the same amount of electricity as a 75-watt light bulb. Even if you are not ready to purchase a new refrigerator at this time, always make sure its doors are shut and well sealed.
A quick tip is if you can slide a dollar bill through the door when it is shut, the gasket should be replaced.

Consider plantation shutters.

With plantation shutters, you can control the airflow and block out the sun’s harsh rays at the same time. Although insulating shutters are a very expensive form of window treatment, they can reduce heat exchange by as much as 80 percent.

Install high performance windows or glass coatings.

Fact, windows let in 40 percent of the unwanted heat in a home. Installing high performance windows or glass coatings reduce the sun’s heat and glare. It works in a way very similar to tenting your car windows. The sun-control films reduce the light, thus reducing the temperature and brightness. Another option would be installing windows with double-pane thermal glass, providing extra insulation from the sun’s harsh rays all year.

Shade your home.

Take a step outside and pick out a couple of areas in which you could add some shade. Install awnings over windows, pull-down shades on the deck or plant a couple of trees. Surprisingly, outside shading is more efficient than indoor shading.

Change your bedding.

If you are the type of person who needs to be cold when sleeping, consider switching from cotton sheets to linen. Linen sheets typically keep you cooler, therefore reducing the need for the air conditioning or ceiling fan.

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