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Renovating bathrooms and kitchens are going to give you the greatest return on your investment. Upgraded kitchens are the most desired upgrade buyers look for and bathrooms fall right behind as the second most desired upgrade. Unfortunately, the reason these upgrades are in such high-demand is because they are by far the most costly, especially if you are looking to create an entire new footprint for the space. Luckily, the team at Houston Mortgage Texas understands how costly these renovations can be and how important they are to the resale value of your home. Our mortgage experts have developed a how-to renovate your bathroom on a budget guide in order to help you save the most money on the otherwise costly project.

1.) Create a budget.

Renovating a bathroom for a fraction of the average cost doesn’t mean you have to go cheap. Renovating inexpensively simply means finding creative ways to refurbish an area, while continuing to use quality
materials and stay on budget.

When planning your budget, start by listing every item you will need to purchase. If you want 12” X 12”
tiles, how many will you need? Are you looking to purchase new faucets or can you deal with your original
piece? Will this be a full-remodel or just a partial? Do you want new cabinetry? How about a new bath tub?

After answering all of your remodeling questions, conduct some research and decide how much you wish to
spend on each item. Then, add up each item to get your final budget. Once you set your budget, stick with

2.) Sketch a plan.

Before you completely begin demolishing your existing bathroom, come up with a plan. Some items may need to be installed before others, especially if you are doing a full-remodel. If your renovation includes reworking the plumbing and electrical wiring, be sure to include it in your drawing. This will help you communicate your ideas to the professionals.

3.) Know when to do the work yourself and when to hire it out.

You would be shocked at the amount of money that is spent on labor for fairly simple tasks such as painting, flooring and hardware installation. If you are a handy person, consider completing some of these tasks on your own. If you are not very handy, then attempt some of the tasks that are easy to learn. For example, demolition is probably a task that can be learned quickly as long as you avoid pipes and wiring. While doing most of the work yourself will save the most money, know when it is time to hire a professional. It is best if you let professional plumbers and electricians handle all of the piping and rewiring for your bathroom remodel. Attempting these tasks yourself could lead to accidents and damages that could really add to the overall cost.

4.) Be your own subcontractor.

Being you own subcontractor eliminates the middle person and allows you to hire the contractors directly.
If you need assistance in finding a reputable contractor, head to a home-improvement store and request
information on contractors they usually refer. Chances are they will happily assist you since you are buying all of your materials from them. Another way to find reputable contractors is to ask your friends who have recently remodeled their home.

5.) Buy materials directly and shop around.

Be sure to measure everything accurately. If you are re-tiling the floor, buy extra tile for future repairs. The internet is a great place to shop for new sinks and hardware. You will be able to find a vast array of styles at budget-friendly prices. If you are planning to replace your current countertops with granite, buy directly from the manufacturer. If you are just looking to replace a small counter-top, ask the manufacturer if there are any scraps available for the size you need. A scrap piece of granite will cost you a fraction of the price, and with a little money put into the finish, will look amazing. Just to put it into perspective, a standard sized one-sink vanity would only cost $100-$200 if the scrap materials are available. If you cannot afford the high-end materials, opt for the second option. If you cannot find any type of bargain on granite slaps, try granite tiles of another type of solid counter.

6.) Consider using what you already have.

If your current cabinets are in good condition, consider adding a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. The right paint with the right finishes will give your existing cabinets an instant facelift without breaking the budget. Also, instead of replacing your entire bath tub and shower, try replacing just the facet and shower head. A couple of quick updates to your existing pieces can really stretch your budget.

7.) Check out your local salvage yard for unique finds.

Instead of buying a claw-foot tub from and antique dealer, try to find one in a salvage yard. You can usually find antique items for next to nothing that just need to be refinished or spruced up. You can also find unique tables and furniture that can quickly be turned into one-of-a-kind cabinets.

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