Pet Safety Indoors

Most of us believe the safest place for our pet is inside of our homes. As long as they remain indoors, they are protected from the angry, drooling jaws of predators. Pampered, indoor house pets have struck the jackpot in the animal kingdom. As we leave for work each morning, we have peace of mind knowing that the most difficult decision our pet will have to make whether to sleep in beam of sunlight coming through the living room window or on the soft, cozy carpet in the bedroom.
While it seems as though our pets are living the dream life, what we fail to realize is that there are a wide array of unexpected dangers lurking around every corner of our home. Mundane objects such as dental floss and dishrags are often overlooked by humans because they do not pose a serious threat to our well-being. Our team of Houston mortgage experts knows that a healthy pet is a happy pet and have provided a list of steps you can take to help make your home the safe haven your pet deserves.

  • When selecting toys and treats, keep in mind that bones, rawhide chews, rubber bands, and toys with small parts all pose choking hazards. Toys that contain parts that are large in comparison to your pet’s mouth, such as a tennis ball, will not be as easy to swallow.

  • Pets like to get into everything. Be sure to supervise your pet when they are playing with string, yarn or curtain cords. These items can wrap around their neck or be swallowed.

  • Dishrags, which often times are saturated with tasty smells or bits of food particles, attract pets. Therefore, keep the dishrags well out of their reach. If your pet accidentally rips off a piece and eats it, the object could cause intestinal blockage.

  • Obviously, keep all medications stored safely away from pets.

  • Just as common household items can be dangerous to children, they can also be extremely hazardous to your pet. Make sure to keep all cleaners, batteries, fabric softener sheets, insecticides or any other poisonous objects away from your pet.

  • Avoid burning incense or spraying insecticides if you have fish. These items can leave a deadly film on the fish tank’s surface.

  • If you have birds, avoid using pump or aerosol sprays. Also, the fumes from self-cleaning ovens and
    nonstick cooking surfaces can be lethal to them.

  • Make sure you never use any dog-specific product, especially flea treatments on cats. Some of these common dog products contain ingredients poisonous to felines.

  • Either place a lid on your trashcan or keep it out of your pet’s reach. This ensures they will not knock it over and consume health-risk discards.

  • Never allow your pet to chew on electrical cords.

  • When Christmas time rolls around, be extra cautious. Pine needles are toxic to animals; therefore, your cat just drinking the water from the Christmas tree base could cause serious illness. Also, keep your animals away from tinsel and avoid glass ornaments that can break easily.

  • Post a firefighter’s alert decal on your windows and doors to let rescuers know that in the instance
    of a disaster, there are pets inside.

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